Saturday, October 17, 2015


They say you can't pick family, but you and your family proved this wrong. People misunderstood you as stern, strict, and stubborn. In my eyes you was a teddy bear, that had the sweetest heart. You included me as one of your own, as I did you. From family vacations to summer long stays with yall, from long road trips to Texas to the annoying popeye game I made you all play. From helping Carolyn cook your meals to my spot right next to you at the table. From 4 wheeler rides to lunch at grandma's. From the pickled eggs to the steak fat (considering that was the only part of the steak I would eat). I have so many memories and thank you's I still needed to say.
Thank you for teaching me all that you did. Thank you for accepting me when it was your choice. Thank you for loving me when you didnt have to. Thank you for allowing me to live with ya'll most of my childhood. Thank you for counting me as yours. Thank you for loving me for me. Thank you for allowing another child be brought up when yours was gone. Foster dad is what you will always be, and thank you for taking on that role.
Foster Dad showed me one of the most important things in my life.... and that is you can pick family, you can care for someone like they are family, you can build a relationship that will never be forgotten. I feel so much heartbreak and wish I would have made more time for visits. So now that you have left me, I can only dream about the next time we will visit. I know you're happy and hugging sweet grandma, but just remember I will see you one day and I will continue to annoy 'MY FOSTER FAMILY' with the popeye game, because in all honesty it wasn't the game that I loved so much it was the smiles and laughter we shared. I LOVE YOU!!!