Monday, October 12, 2015

Now What???

I am being asked questions here lately about how should a person get sober? Church, rehab, on your own, and etc. How does a person stay sober? The only way I know how to explain this is, "Everyone who started using drugs, used drugs for different reasons. Recovery is the same way. Some might get more hope from church groups, some might get more help out of NA meetings. There are a lot of different options, you just have to research and TRY THEM ALL." I go to my church groups and attend NA.
I realize there are a lot of ways to get clean, but many struggle with the "Now what?" Now that I'm sober, I have completely cut all ties with the 'old friends', and Im left here in my home with no ride, no money, and in complete isolation. Which in case you don't know, isolation is the main, huge, red flag of a relapse. So, "Now what?"
Now that I have disappointed my family, lost trust of my whole community, not allowed to be alone with my own children, have no friends, no car to get around, and no money to do retail therapy. I am this lonely broken soul who is faced with my vulnerabilities, without any encouraging words, only those "you knew better". Being surrounded by those who don't understand our struggles, can be discouraging at times. Even though we know we don't cope with life's obstacles the same way as others, we are learning. It's always reassuring when we are around other recovering addicts, it gives us the hope of possibilities. It's nice to hear that they understand us, and shows/tells us ways to get over our struggles. 
No one should tell you all you need is N.A. No one should tell all you need is church. When I was first in my recovery I had a lot of anger towards God. Going to church and hearing all the good he does was not what I had in mind. I went to Narcotics Anonymous, working the steps is what got me to start working on my relationship with my God. Now I go to my church meetings that is full of people just like me. People who made mistakes, but work on bettering themselves and their relationship with God. This support group "Redeemed Ministries" are my family. I can call on them and they answer with an open ear, and if needed a shoulder to cry on. They don't judge me for my past, they don't judge me for my daily struggles. They accept me with open arms and encouraging words. I love them all.
Narcotics Anonymous is a group of recovering addicts who talk and study the Twelve Steps. This group brings awareness to a lot of different things. Recently, I learned how to become aware of my thinking. Realizing my ways that got me started in my downward spiral. 
So finding a support group is critical. Cutting ties with all of those who still use is esp. important. So if you don't know what will help you, then I will say, "Try it all. Any support is better than none at all. Just stay away from the drugs, or else you will have to start all that hard work back over again. That is if you make it." I know that sounds harsh, but I'm just being real with you.
Wednesday nights there is a Support Group at Easley Baptist church at 6:00. Everyone and anyone is invited.
Mary Beth