Sunday, January 3, 2016

Judging this Book by My Cover

Don't judge a book by it's cover. How I wish the world was like. If I had to categorize my life I would  probably list mine under Mystery. Being a mom predicts my mood and if you have children you will understand. Forget beauty sleep, but was I able to get sleep? Could I get a shower that day? Did I make time to eat or was that one of the many things I left off my to do list? Are my favorite jeans clean or were they in the pile of clothes I am washing for the third time due to forgetting to switch the clothes out from the washer to dryer? Did I put on mascara before I started brushing the boys teeth? I leave my house most mornings not put together from what you see.
My cover may not be put together with a glam squad and all the free time I wish I had, but my story.... my story is about how a teenage girl who thought she had her life figured out, failed. Then lost herself. Married and had two blessings, but failed once again. She was so worried about how other families had it made, she drowned herself in her own pity. She became the beast in her very own story, and happiness was impossible. When that girl fell to the ground-rock bottom, she came back up fighting like a ninja (you can laugh a little). But how? How can you beat yourself and still find strength? It's not how but WHO?  Who was that voice that spoke, "Let me in." "All things are possible only through me." WHO was my trainer? God!!! He has risen me from my own hell- hell, here on earth.
Without my story, I wouldn't be so humble. I would probably still think the world revolved around me. I would be so selfish that I wouldn't be able to enjoy the struggles of being a mom. I wouldn't be able to love ANYONE as much as I do. I would have never experienced true love.
My cover might be a mystery. Pj's one day, rocking the plaid the next day, and those leggings and yoga pants everyone posts on facebook as not clothes.... I even wear those in public; but my story is a fairytale. I am a princess in God's eyes. No matter what I look like, my husband thinks I'm beautiful (at least he tells me this lol). I'm not sure how or when my story will end, but I will live happily ever after with my heavenly father. My kind of story, but it's my story. Just don't judge my book by my cover.
Mary Beth