Saturday, January 9, 2016

Four Words

FOUR WORDS can effect someone's life. Just FOUR WORDS. When we are mad or heart broken over something someone did, I feel like we have no problem telling them, "I am disappointed in you." Some might not care and others might say they don't care, but if we are going to be honest those words can hurt like HELL. We (including myself) need to be aware of things we say.
When we are wrong and know that we did something wrong, it takes courage to admit it. I'm not saying just because they admit their wrongs you should be proud. I am saying, "Be careful with your words. Think about how you come off to that person and pray before you might regret your words." Shaming someone can set them back quickly.
So why is it so hard to show someone appreciation on their outcome in life? Recovery is hard and I honestly believe everyone deserves a pat on the back who fights a battle. Those people deserve FOUR WORDS that maybe different from what they are use to hearing, "I'm PROUD of you!!" FOUR WORDS that can help someone who might be struggling. FOUR WORDS that lets them know they are on the right path. FOUR WORDS that can keep someone in recovery. Just FOUR WORDS.
I won't ever forget those "disappointments" I caused myself. With every "proud of you" keeps my mind strong, keeps me going when sometimes I feel like stopping, and gives me joy when  that use to be shame and resentment. So I feel like we need to share these FOUR WORDS with those in recovery. Whether they are a day clean to 20 years clean, to your spouse or the complete stranger that is on your facebook friends list. Let someone know you recognize their hard work and a battle that they have faced. Tell a person, "I'm PROUD of you!!" Just FOUR WORDS!!
Mary Beth