Tuesday, December 23, 2014

A bomb in a birdcage

When I think of a bird, I think beauty, soar, a nest, small but so mighty, a caregiver, looking down from above. It's kind of like us humans. We are all beautiful in our own way. We go at a pace that we miss the beauty around us. We build or buy our houses, but love is what makes a home. We are one out of a billion, but it only takes one voice to make a change. We love to love, but all we want is to be loved. So many of us look down on one another, but who is truly looking down and watching our every move?
Have you ever felt like a ticking time bomb, but fear to talk to someone? Have you ever felt ashamed of your feelings, but wonder if they are normal? Do you have resentments? Do you cry because you are alone? Do you feel like you can't hold up to others expectations? Do you ever feel like you have to keep it together but not sure how? Do you feel like just throwing your hands up in the air?
How do I know these feelings? I have been there, but I want to remind you of something I didn't try. Pray. I went to church, I pretended to be a happy go lucky christian who had many sufferings on the inside. I never really prayed and asked God for guidance. I just thought he gave up on me... but I guess I gave up on myself and started on a downspiral from there. Dont give up on yourself give God a try!!!