Friday, January 23, 2015

Addiction is an Evil Spirit

Suffering from addiction, I have studied the Bible. Looking for answers or scriptures that I could relate to. I came across Mark 9:14-29
The son is possessed by an evil spirit. Mostly everyone knows of someone who is possessed by a modern-day version of an evil spirit. It could be liquid spirits that bring out some people's demons. Alcoholism is a terrible beast also. Some may say, "At least it's legal." True but when abused it's illegal in God's eyes.
Other friends or family members may be addicted to legal or illegal drugs. Prescription pills were my main drug. I thought I was ok, because I had a prescription for them. I relied on them. I depended on them. Drug and alcohol abuse comes from the need to medicate the unhealed wounds. I don't mean on our out parts of our body, I mean on the inside. We (addicts) hurt ourselves trying to fight a demon that can only ruin our jobs, disintegrate relationships with people we love and care for, destroy us, and our lives in general.
The father in this passage; he believed but doubted, he dared to hope, and prayed for a cure. He just couldn't see healing for his son. He had tried multiple times in his past, but nothing seemed to help his son from hurting himself. This father reminds me a lot of my dad. He had tried multiple times before, to get me some help. Being a parent with a sick child, your first instinct is to help or to find help for them.
This evil spirit could not be casted out by the disciples, only through prayer. Just like addiction. Rehab can help us, but only through Jesus Christ we can get sober and stay sober. We have to surrender and turn to God.
Just like this son changed from normal to possessed, a variety of demons can turn anyone into someone we no longer recognize. Today, addiction is one of the most damaging demons in our lives, or family's lives, and corrupting our youth.