Friday, March 13, 2015

God makes addicts... into one of his own.

I know they say don't ask God why? But I, myself have my own relationship with him. I can ask him why thirty times a day. Sometimes he answers and others, he answers the way I didn't want. Why would God make his children sick with addiction?
It could be God's way for you to turn to him. It could be so you can help other addicts because you know about the disease you share (only God knows your life struggles and he has been walking in your shoes with you).
I have beaten myself up along with the devil. I have been on that long lonely road by myself. I know what it's like to experience a cold shoulder. I know how it feels to be rejected. I know what it feels like with the world on my back. Have mercy on our souls. How much more? Those regrets are the ones I can't forget.
Maybe it's so we know a part of the pain Jesus experienced. He was beaten. He walked, stumbled with his cross/our sins on his back, gotten back up with strength only God can give us. Thorns piercing his head like the devil tries to with our disease. All along I said I was alone but now I see I have someone here with me.