Monday, March 23, 2015

The Danger of Me

At times, we all get so wrapped up in our selfish ways. Me. What about me? Why didn't they say hey to me? Why couldn't they come to me? Dont you think about me? Do you not love me?
We know life is not just about me, but do we really consider this in our everyday life? Do we know our marriage is not about how one feels? Friendships are the same. In everything we do it has nothing to do with just me.
When we was reborn Christians we accepted him in, in everything we do, not just Sunday mornings and/or Wednesday nights. In our marriage GOD should come first, before your selfish wants and before your spouse's. Raising kids you should consider God's ways first. Before your job you should consider God's purpose for your life.
If you and your spouse argue on Sunday morning, don't let that stop you from coming to church. If you do you are giving the devil joy, and not putting your God first.  Don't come to church just because you are having a good day or for lunch afterwards. Come to church to thank him for him always putting you first, for not giving up on you, for giving you the ability to live.
The danger of Me is selfishness. You are leaving out your higher power. You are screaming don't forget me, but in all honesty who are YOU forgetting? While we are screaming what about me? Ask yourself what about God?