Sunday, October 25, 2015


We as a community, as a state, and as a whole need to realize addiction comes in different forms. Many people overlook the pill addiction. Maybe it's because we have a prescription for them, maybe it's because we make excuses for the prescriptions, or maybe it's because we don't realize the danger of them. Even if we have a prescription for a drug, we can still become an addict. When you realize you are out of your meds, but can't get your script filled for another two weeks; you should be concerned.
I had a hard time admitting that my addiction has affected my life for many years. I had to realize the lies I told to get that prescription. I had to face the fact that I depended on these pills to help me function throughout my day. Then came that day when one just wasn't working like it use to. It became a habit to double up on them. Then shortly I would have to buy them off the street to ease the pain of withdrawals, but in my head it was because I had bad knees, bad back, and the Dr. needed to write me more. Stupid doctors, huh? Lol. Little did I know the monster was in me, alive, and roaring for more. But to me I didn't have a problem, I had a prescription.
Wasn't long until I noticed the pills weren't working like they use to, so I moved on and to something new. I once was that person who said, "People who did drugs were stupid, I will never do drugs, They were brought up that way, and me... I wasn't, I knew better." I never thought I would see the day that I would become an addict. I don't think addicts are stupid, I think addicts know more about life and the joys of overcoming our mistakes, failures, and fear. I truly believe recovering addicts have an amazing testimony because most of us have lived through hell. I laugh at my old way of thinking, because of my ignorance mainly. Even though we teach our kids to say no to drugs, it's critical to teach our kids if they do make a mistake it's important to come to us. We teach our kids the wrongs, but we need them to know we are here to help them also.
So prescriptions can still make us an addict.
Mary Beth