Wednesday, December 16, 2015


How do you know he/she is the one? Will our marriage last? Is this the same person I married? Should I keep fighting for our marriage? What is love? Seasons change, mountains appear, the tides get stronger, and nothing stays the same. Love has a part in marriage, but I have learned ACCEPTANCE is a huge part of a lasting love.
Love is about not giving up. We all make mistakes, but love is when that person helps you back up and doesnt walk out on you. I can admit I am not the same woman my husband married years ago and he isn't the same man I married. As one of my friends said, "I'm not the same girl as I was yesterday." How true is that? I thank God for that, because without struggles our love wouldn't grow and become stronger. I can look at my husband with new eyes and a better heart. When I lied to him, I failed at being a wife. Even though I failed and screwed up, he never left me, he didn't abandon me when he was told to leave me. To me that is a lasting love. In recovery from addiction I changed. I changed a lot. Change is good when you are bettering yourself. Make sure you find that partner who is ready for those heartaches and heartbreaking changes, that partner who will hold out their hand to help you back up when you fall or breakdown- and not kick you or turn their back on you.
I am grateful for my husband. He has wiped my tears in the middle of the night, he loved me when life was ugly, he loved me when I hated myself. He accepts me even though I'm not the same woman he married. People change; love changes.
I can admit that:
I loved my husband, when I didn't love myself. My husband loves me because he accepts me for who I am today and who I will possibly become tomorrow.
Thank you Christopher!!
Mary Beth