Thursday, July 21, 2016


Not many know this, so here we go. I have always wanted a sister that I was unseperable with. I wanted that sister who would know when to call or know something was up/wrong. I wanted that bond that many have with their sisters. My twinkie. Truth is me and my sister could not be more opposite than we are. Even with our differences I just realized how wrong I have been and I have that sister.
Let me tell you some things about us more about her.
She was the first person to write me in rehab.
She sent me make-up, when she dont even wear it.
Other than my husband and parents, she was the only other person I talked to in rehab.
She can give me a reality check knowing it will piss me off and give me my space until I realize what is going on.
She asks me questions out of the blue about my recovery, how I am, and why I did certain things when I was active in my addiction.
She encourages me in my lowest points and she does not even realize how bad of a day I have had.
She pushes me to get fit.
She is my personal trainer- free of charge.
She takes my clothes when my closet is overflowing.
She cheers me on when I feel like giving up.
We have memories that no one understands.
She is my best friend and I never thanked her for the times she was heartbroken over my actions, but still never gave up. She does more for me than anyone knows. Mandy, thank you. I love you.
Many times we think relationships should only be fun and sweet, but truth is our relationships grow when we experience hurt and heartaches. We see each others struggles and mend those broken moments. If it is not perfect, it means it is growing.
Love, Mary Beth