Sunday, September 25, 2016

How would you live?

If you knew the numbered days you have left here on earth, would you live different?
Would you spend more time with your parents? Would you sit down and tell them thank you for working your entire life just to give me the life I was blessed with? Would you hug and tell them you loved them more often?
Would you tell your siblings I love you everyday? Would you share more laughter with them? Would you stop texting and actually call them?
Would you tell your spouse thank you? Thank you for loving me on my worst day. Would you tell them about the lies that were told in your own head that you were all alone, but the actual truth is that they were there by your side the entire time? Would you tell them I am sorry for all those fights I started because it really had nothing to do with you... I was just having a crappy day. Would you explain to them that seeing them laugh brightens my day? Would you love them different? Would you love them more?
Would you parent your children different? Would you personally take your children places and make more memories with them? Would you enjoy their cries more? Would you join in with laughter when they are laughing? Would you be the same parent that you are today?
Would you work on your relationship with God more? Would you tell others about what God has done in your life? Would you be thankful for the days you still have? Would you be a better Christian?
Our days are numbered and I know on most of these questions I (myself) answered yes I would do more to almost every question.... so why wait? Why do we wait until the end to give our best? Life begins to mean something precious to us all when it is close to the end. Lets change this. Make everyday precious and live it to the fullest. Why don't we show more appreciation through out our lives? Change is hard, but change for the good.
How would you live? Live like our days are numbered.