Thursday, December 4, 2014

This world is so loud

This world is so loud.
A lot of our problems is that we think we are smarter than what we are. People talking to family members, trying to figure out what drug their sibling is on. What relations a student and teacher were having. What couple is divorcing and what their problems were. Who someone is hanging out with and why. Who got fired from a job and why. Who is facebooking who. Or why someone isn't at their home. I hear so many times it is because they are worried or they were trying to help, but can we get real people? 
Does it really matter what drug it is? Show them some love and hold their hand worry about their broken spirit, because I promise they are holding in a lot of pain. Instead of talking to others just stop. I know you want to help, I understand but them trusting you is the most important thing, because if they can't well then they definitely can't confide in you.
Teacher and student relations are wrong and guess what- that's no new information.  They know that it's wrong, but when you tell a white lie you know it's wrong to lie. You might say there's a lot of a difference, but let me remind you there's not in Gods eyes. 
If a couple is divorcing, don't you think that would be the time we should respect that family as a whole? You might know their problems but that gives you no room to blab it through the county. Hint THEIR MARRIAGE not yours. If there are kids involved, you should be ashamed of yourself!!
People have different personalities and it's ok if a new friendship is brewing. Friendships are kind and wonderful.
Someone may not be at their home (for example me) because memories are painful. Or could be because they know they will be lonely.
We never know the truth because many of us don't even tell the ones we love our own problems we bottle it up inside embarrassed or scared... and they say there are two sides to every story, but why?? Why must we know? Why do we speak of others like its our concern? Why must we cast stones? We speak of each other and then when we face them it's a, "how are you?" When you really don't care. I feel like the problem with the world is- with failures comes smiles. Many times we are speaking over our enemies just to try to speak to our friends.
This world is so loud. Remember if we would just shut the heck up, we are giving someone else an opportunity to ask for help.