Friday, April 3, 2015

Does It Matter?

Does it matter what drug we used/preferred? Just know that we were weak. Does it matter who our families are? Just because we have or don't have a good family, doesn't mean we were not capable of being human and hurting on the inside. Does it matter if our marriage is perfect? We are starting all over. Does it matter my reasoning for helping other addicts? I believe I want to help everyone in need. Does it matter if my family forgives me? I am still working on myself. Is there ever a time that I won't consider myself as an addict. Probably not, that is something I did/done and fought through and still fighting. Does it matter that I'm a changed woman? I won't ever be the old Mary Beth, everyone changes everyday. Does it matter that I am gonna have to explain my past to my two kids one day? I want them to learn from my mistakes. Does it matter that most people say they love me but don't understand me?
This is my life. I use to live for others. My happiness- I would try and find it in others. I live for God. I am sure I will still make mistakes along the way, but I'm happy for the first time in a long time. Life is a journey, and I'm just sharing my testimony.