Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Getting Through, Staying Sober

They called me a rebel,
Because I have had dealings with the devil.
I experienced life at its low,
Fear and resentment became my shadow.
Not being able to rid my shame,
Filling up on drugs trying to ease my pain.
Being alone,
Led me to roam.
I use to walk through the days like a ghost in the wind,
Wondering how this was all going to end.
My mind would take me far from gone,
When surrounded by people I still felt alone.
Sometimes we get further when we learn to stay,
Still fighting that urge to run for another day.
When hearing the sound of a slamming door,
All my thoughts and voices begin to sound like a roar.
For so long I smiled a smile that was fake,
Now everything I love is at stake.
Yes, it only took me 14 days of sober,
To realize this is my last chance or my life is over.
You see drugs didn't get the best of me, 
I'm just learning how to live my life and be set free.
Addiction had me tied down,
There in my own misery I was about to drown.
I surrendered to God and he came through, Trust me there's not anything he can't do.
My old life is over,
Loving God is what keeps me sober.