Sunday, June 28, 2015


Pride. Gay pride, white pride, black pride, or pride in self. Many people have problems, sick, and need help. A lot of people preach about what "they" think is right. Many throw judgement on how someone acts instead of praying for that person.
So why don't people ask for help? Some it's fear of being put in a category of failures, some it's because of their own pride.
In the bible, pride is considered conceited. Pride is looked down on. Pride is that thing inside us that tells us, "We are good enough/better." We are never good enough. We will never be good enough, because we all fall short. You see this world is gone mad. We think we all should have a right to do as we want, just like some spoiled children.
People are getting more worked up over the confederate flag situation, when we should have all made just as a big deal or bigger when they removed prayer from our schools. People say they are removing a part of our history, but they removed something a lot bigger than history when they banned God from our schools.
Pride can get us into trouble. Pride once had me in chains. So I say this out of love, "Lay your pride down. None of us has lived a perfect life. Just because of your skin color still gives you no right to have pride."
Pride. It's no good.