Friday, September 18, 2015

Hold On

To the our loved ones who we miss.

It's that moment when a rush comes over you and sucks out everything inside you. Your knees are shaking, because your heart can't handle the heaviness of all this sadness. You keep looking around hoping that any moment you will wake up and realize it wasn't real. The sadness is overwhelming, and you begin to grasp at every little memory you share, every grin they smirked, every prayer they prayed, every "love you" they said, every whisper they spoke, every phone call that was made, and every moment they have. Memories, they are what they leave us. You see when someone we love leaves this earth, we feel as though they are gone, but what we sometimes don't realize is that 'THEY ARE A PART OF US'. No one can take away our moments shared. No one can take away the wisdom they taught. No one can take away the laughter yall shared. No one can take away the love yall have. It's soooo hard to let go, so I just want to say hold on. Hold onto those moments you have, talk about the great things yall did, talk about them with pride, and never forget. Hold on. Memories- are only yours to share with that loved one. Even though you can't see them, listen to your heart, that's where all our loved ones really are.