Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Step UP

I can remember being taught when I was a little one, to stand up for what I believed in. As I grew older, my life begin to take off or some would say fall apart. I didn't know how to deal with obstacles in my life or traumatic experinces. I was always taught to keep going, but I was different because it seemed as though I just sank. When I was lonely-I was all alone. When I was sad- I was all alone. When I needed help- I was all alone. As I look back, I know I pushed my loved ones away, I know I backed down as though I was a helpless child in corner, I know I was a mess, I know I wouldnt listen to anyone, but that's because no one could understand my pain- addiction. So I thought.
Entering into rehab was NOT my first step, because I went unwillingly. My first step towards recovery was STEPPING UP and admitting to myself and others that yes I am indeed an addict. I can remember STEPPING UP and admitting my wrongs, dealing with my weaknesses, and facing my fears. STEPPING UP and apologizing for the hurt I caused my family. STEPPING UP and admitting, "I'm scared!" STEPPING UP  and sharing my story, not hiding my past to make myself look good, but to show my brothers and sisters in addiction or recovery that it is possible. We shouldn't be ashamed of the obstacles we have overcome to get to where we are in life today, and that is sober with the ability to help others. With September being Recovery Month, lets all STEP UP- share your story (speak out), lend a hand, rid of your shame, and be proud of the battle we have fought... we have learned, changed, and able to love ourselves. So STEP UP AND BE PROUD OF YOUR RECOVERY!!! WE DESERVE IT!!!
Being in the Human Services Program at Wallace State Community College, we are Stepping Up for those who need help. We encourage everyone to STEP UP.